AVAILABLE NOW:  Nino Batista Retouching Workflow Tutorial Videos 2022.

It's been almost 2 years since my last retouching tutorial video set, and it's time for an updated set of tutorials showcasing what I do in my *current* workflow - in hyper detail and in an easy-to-understand manner. Glamour, fashion, boudoir and really any portraiture artists can benefit from these.

But this time I am doing it unlike before, with more focused instruction, more tools, more tips and tricks and more flexibility.

Learn how I do what I do, in micro-detail, and in the direction you prefer. This is the best retouching tutorial I have ever created – no fluff, no gimmicks, just knowledge.

My Complete Retouching Workflow Tutorial includes:

  • 43 videos totaling 25+ hours of retouching instruction from raw processing to skin work to color work to finalizing and more, covered across many different total edits from beginning to end, so you can learn literally every single thing I do in my retouching.
  • Various tips and tricks in Capture One and Photoshop, to help expand your overall knowledge of the apps.
  • Special packs of NBP Styles for Capture One and NBP Actions for Photoshop to ensure a seamless workflow for you.  More than 100 in total.
  • Price for the tutorial collection is USD$249.   Will be available on PhotoWhoa and other distributors.  (email me with questions)

I am so excited for this one, photographers, and I know it's going to change your workflow, your art, and your business.

Nino Batista Retouching Workflow Video Tutorial Collection: Brand new for 2022.