Private Mentoring: photography, retouching, marketing, artist coaching, industry

Nino is available for limited private mentoring via phone calls, video conferences and online screenshare discussion. Offering private, one on one instruction in retouching (Photoshop and Capture One Pro), portfolio review/critique, marketing, artist coaching and photography training and discussion. Each session is unique and based on what each student wishes to get from mentorship.

As of January 2022, my online private mentoring fees and policies are as follows: USD$350 per hour, and you decide how many hours.  I am happy to schedule between 1 and 4 hours at a time at that rate.   Email me to discuss, and I can help you determine how much time you may need based on your goals and desired curriculum (retouching and artist coaching are my most requested).  NOTE: I have moved all online mentoring calls to the Zoom platform due to its ease of use and flexible functionality.  Please also note that Zoom is free to download and use on all devices.

For in person, expect to book a 4 hour block for half day of time (or two 4 hour blocks with a 1 hour break; full day; please note half day and full day is quoted individually based on details) plus venue, travel and modeling talent considerations/costs.  Mentoring sessions are privately booked based on both parties' schedule and availability. Contact Nino for more information.