MODELS: Information about collaborating.

I have generally extremely limited availability for collaboration shoots, but I am always happy to discuss your proposal or project.

Here's the thing, collaboration must be exactly that:  Collaborative.  

But also beneficial, of course.  My time as a photographer, and your time as a model, is valuable and often scarce.  To make the effort for a collaborative project, there must be an obvious inspiration, passion and objective behind the project.  After all, no professional has endless time to shoot "just for fun", as much as we'd all probably like to.

Tell me about your collaboration, your project, your shoot, your proposal.   If it's a good fit, and is as inspiring to me as it is to you, then by all means let's discuss how we can make it happen.  

Business wise, key collaborations with industry luminaries are of course welcome – but should also be discussed to see if we are all the right fit for the project.  

I make creating fun and casual, but always professional and purposeful. 

Check out my portfolio for an idea of my work.

NOTE:  I am not available for hire for personal model shoots.  Please contact me for booking commercial projects.