What's all this?
Since YouTube decided to discontinue all paid channels, like the premium tutorials channel I had running on there since early 2016, no photographers can sign up for the channel anymore.

I've been asked numerous times why this is the case, and if the video content on the channel is accessible another way, as these tutorials have never been put anywhere else online before.


I am offering almost every single video tutorial on the now-deprecated channel for sale, as one download link, for an insanely low price. If you're interested over 30 retouching video tutorials from 2016 and 2017, this is THE opportunity to get countless hours of tutorials all in one shot, and super affordable.

And all for just $49.

This benefits anyone wanting to learn from my tutorials, but also gives me continued funding for my all new NINO LIVE: Retouch video broadcasts (and other upcoming video tutorials this spring and summer.)

Your support is hugely appreciated, friends!

Videos included:

Raw Smart Objects & Full Retouch (Tasha): 45:19

Cleanup & Color Work (Trista): 37:51

Skin Work, Exposure, Contrast (Tasha): 34:25

Cleanup, Skin & Color Work (Shelby): 53:31

Full Retouch on a JPG File?!?! (Elsa): 57:05

Cleanup, Skin & Color Work (Melissa): 59:17

Cleanup, FX & Color Work (Sarah): 30:00

Using The Dodge & Burn Function on the Toolbar: 8:14

Capture One Pro 9, Basic Workflow: 29:26

Adding Publication Logos to Your Online Tearsheets: 14:36

Capture One Pro: Black & White Conversion Methods: 7:49

Seamless Portrait Masking / Compositing: 26:57

The Glamour Standard #3 Full Retouch (Gracie): 41:28

Art Nude / Bodyscape Full Retouch C1 & Ps (Anita): 1:09:37

The Glamour Standard Full Retouch from Studio Glamour Tutorial: 29:22

Adding Composited Titles on Glamour Images: 19:40

Luminosity Masks: 28:10

Capture One Pro 8 Color Basics: 16:08

Studio Glamour, Lighting & Shooting (Nicole): 21:14

Outdoor Glamour Full Retouch (Shelby): 28:41

Easy Balancing of Mixed Light Using Raw Smart Objects (Jeana): 10:39

The Glamour Standard #2 Full Retouch (Jennifer): 1:09:46

Dodge & Burn, Raw Smart Objects Method (Shelby): 14:51

Dodge & Burn, Curves Method (Lizzy): 17:46

Outdoor Glamour, Lighting & Shooting (Shelby): 19:11

The Glamour Standard #1 Full Retouch (Lizzy): 1:01:14

Reducing Backlit Flare in C1 and Ps: 9:51

How I Sharpen The Quick & Dirty Way: 10:05

How I Add Atmosphere To Some Of My Shots: 9:54

…and maybe more! Who knows what I will add in the download. ;)

825+ minutes (13.5+ hours) of video tutorials: $49