If you're familiar with the process of utilizing frequency separation in your retouching workflow, then you're probably aware – and frustrated by – the lack of total control and somewhat average results you get while using it. While the method remains a skin retouching staple, the core approach to setting it up in Photoshop has been more or less the same for a while now, and accepted as such.

The basic premise of frequency separation is creating the ability in Photoshop to manipulate the base colors and textures separately, thus giving you the control to perfect skin tone without obliterating skin texture. On paper, this sounds to good to be true. For many retouchers, the discovery of this method is initially exciting, and then eventually discouraging due to the limitations of the classic frequency separation setup process.

Then add in the workflow slowdowns while processing the filters and other functions involved in the setup, and frequency separation becomes a necessary evil, perhaps, but one that leaves you feeling a little flat about your results.

But what if you could have a bit more control, all in one panel, and achieve better results? 

Ultimate control for setting up Frequency Separation in Photoshop

  • Set Radius (blurring) and Detail Threshold (edge preservation) to tailor it to for your preferred look, image resolution, and workflow
  • Proprietary 32-bit edge preserving and blur algorithms are high quality and process faster
  • More texture protection than usual frequency separation methods allows for more freedom while smoothing transitions
  • Minimizes haloing problems common in frequency separation setups
  • Allows you to preview Base (low frequency) and Detail (high frequency) results in split view or individually before applying

How do you use NBP Freqsep Control in Photoshop?

New to frequency separation? Watch this 13 min video below to see how NBP Freqsep Control works. Very familiar with frequency separation? Scroll down a bit more for the 2 minute quick start video below.

My recommended retouching workflow (but by all means do whatever works for you!)

  1. Healing and object removal
  2. Dodge & burn
  3. NBP Freqsep Control
  4. Liquify (if needed)
  5. Color correction
  6. Color grading
  7. Finalizing

  • A Plug In Solution
    Extends beyond other plugin panels by utilizing proprietary algorithms which are faster and higher quality than what is built into Photoshop.

  • Active Previewing
    View results of Low and High frequency layers according to the settings in real time.
    Adjust settings on-the-fly to your preference or to the ideal parameters for your files.

  • Edge-preserving separation of low frequency layer
    Blazing fast implementation of proprietary edge preservation (Detail Threshold) combined with high frequency removal / smoothing (Radius)
    Faster, smoother, and higher quality than Photoshop's surface blur and gaussian blur traditionally used in frequency separation.
    Actively adjust both parameters simultaneously to tailor the exact type of frequency separation you need and want.
    Dial up more smoothing (blur) for your Low frequency layer without over augmenting haloing near high contrast transitions.

  • Seamless application of high frequency layer
    More texture is preserved than in traditional frequency separation.
    Affords you freedom to more intensely add color under texture to smooth out transitions without sacrificing it as much.

  • Works with your existing frequency separation workflow
    Whether you prefer to directly modify the Low or High layers (healing on High, mixer brush on Low, etc) or add color in between Low and High layers without directly modifying them, your frequency separation workflow will remain unchanged.

  • HTML5 native Photoshop UI panel
    Intuitive UI built for effective workflow.

  • Multi threaded and vectorized code
    The algorithms are implemented to take advantage of modern CPUs for real time experience.

  • Internal 32 bit calculation
    Works with 8, 16 and 32 bit images.
    Less artifacts, less quantization.


NBP Freqsep Control for Photoshop: USD$25.00

We are aware of a bug affecting some Windows 10 users, and are working to resolve it and release an update ASAP.

Works on Adobe Photoshop versions CC through CC17 for Mac or Windows operating systems. Available in most all countries; your currency will be shown upon clicking Buy Now. If your country is not shown automatically, select it from the menu at the upper right. You will be prompted to download the installer (contains both Mac and Windows installers) as well as receive an email with the installer link. Questions can be directed to support@ninobatista.com.

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