I am available for private model shoots in any city. The fastest way to work with me is simply to book me, as I go all out for my clients to get you the hottest glamour images you've ever had, while making you sure you have a great time doing it.

The scheduling:

  • Locations for your shoot can vary wildly, and I shoot just about anywhere. 
  • I don't use any particular studio, but can rent any for your shoot (at a cost, of course). Same for hotels.
  • Other locations can be almost anywhere, and depending on what city you are in, I may have some contacts for warehouses, homes, pools, ranches, shops, etc. that may be good for what you are looking to do.
  • My availability is 7 days a week. If I am not booked and can get you in any day of the week, I'm game. I am in Houston most of the time, but some weekends a month I am in other cities around the country (check my travel schedule on social media)
  • I don't have fixed-hour shoot packages, I quote every project both in money and in time depending on what you want done. Your shoot could be an hour or all day, just depends. I'll let you know up front.

The prep:

  • I can call on top makeup artists and hairstylists if you need their services, and their fees would be paid directly to them by you. I simply refer my best.
  • Your wardrobe is up to you, and can vary from glamour outfits to none at all (nudes) if that is what you want to shoot. I am not a fashion photographer, but am open to discuss your fashion projects; if I feel I can do it the way you expect it, I'll let you know.
  • Other wardrobe from designers or boutiques is up to you, as well. I have a relationship with some designers (especially in Houston) and am happy to refer you, but that is between you and them.
  • Makeup artist and hairstylist time must be taken into consideration if you want it done on site. I recommend getting your hair and makeup done before the shoot and arriving on time, ready to rock.

The money:

  • I quote every project individually after we discuss what are specifically wanting. To be perfectly clear, the amount of final edits you receive is to be decided on up front, and of course quoted as part of your total fee. Also, almost no photographer, including myself, will ever give out every single shot from a shoot. If you are looking to receive every single frame snapped at your shoot, I am not the photographer for you.
  • Your project costs could be almost any price, depending on your goals and what you specifically want done. A deposit of 25% of the quoted fee is required to secure your date and time schedule. Deposit is not refundable.  
  • Most of my private model shoots run, on average, $1,000. Contact me to discuss what that usually involves.

The end result is you get the best images I can possibly provide and improve your portfolio instantly.

Contact me: or hit me up on Facebook or Instagram.